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This page contains some of the many views of LINKS BEACH in Amble that I’ve photographed. Links Beach isn’t massive, but when the tide is out there’s plenty of space to enjoy. Links Beach is dog-friendly and every day you’ll see lots of people giving their pooches a free run along the sand, which is very exciting for them; especially if they’ve never been in the sea before! Unfortunately, if you’re not a fan of dogs then you’ll be unhappy with your experience visiting Links Beach, because it’s unlikely that you’ll go there and not see dogs running around.

The beach is reached via the dunes – you’ll find images and information about Amble’s lovely grassy dunes in the “DUNES” category.

Links Beach is sandy, pebbley and rocky depending on which part you go to. The high tide zone is all pebbles and cobbles that the sea has piled up…

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